“When dialogue ends and hostilities emerge, provocative projections and deadly demonizing develops, and as a consequence, fatigue and frustration invade the mediators and negotiators. We are here for you and your team.”

– Conflict Prevention Group

Our contribution is emotional and psychological competence and support, with regards to the psychological factors that come into play during traumatic experiences, crises and conflicts.


Debriefing, education, coaching, counselling, profiling and mediation support.

Psychological competence for preventing and handle conflicts, and to create an understanding for emotional healing and right human relations.

Conflict Prevention and security building through:

  • Communication and dialog training
  • Cultural, religious and historical understanding
  • Psychological and emotional support through:
    • Coaching and debriefing
    • Clinical counselling
    • Trauma counselling and support
    • Psychological competence training
    • In-depth awareness training of the psycho-dynamic field
    • Mentor programs and education

We assist

The individual; f. ex. the employee, practitioner, teacher, social worker, service person, mediator, diplomat, volunteer, aid worker.

Groups; Mediation/dialog groups. International and national groups for meditation in conflict or to strengthen the dialog between people and groups. Where trauma and conflict is part of the group dynamics and lack of emotional capacity may arise.

Group 2; workshops for aid workers, social workers, teachers, diplomats, mediators for psychological dynamics and factors that occurs in the dialog and group work of traumatized groups and people. A deeper insight into the psyche in group dynamics.

Debriefing – for the individual and/or group

All people who work within areas where there are conflicts, war, hostility, and trauma involved will be affected. Directly or indirectly. This causes stress and psychological turmoil for our mental and emotional system.

When debriefing, dialog and understanding takes it absence, it may create a source for more pressure, stress, anxiety, illness and denial.

Debriefing can be done individually or in groups. The learning process in a group is hugely rewarding and can create a better understanding and clarity on your own and others reactions.