A way to security –

The short story of conflict prevention and preventive diplomacy

Conflict Prevention Group started in Stockholm, Gothenburg 2015 and in Oslo in 2016, in parallel to accelerated international efforts with various mediation and dialogue initiatives. The Nordic countries are in many respect spearheading this efforts, one of them being in Syria. Conflict Prevention Group has been actively involved in this effort and area since 2017.

The tradition of preventive diplomacy and and conflict management goes well back in time. Preserving peace in our time, is one of the most fundamental cornerstones of the United Nations. It is also the very founding reason for the European Union.

The principle of ”Common security” was first defined by the Independent Commission on Disarmament and Security, the so called Palme Commission in 1992.

”Preventive diplomacy” and ”Confidence building” became for a long time buzz words in international politics. However the execution of those policies turned out to be more than challenging, from time to time. In 2002 The Folke Bernadotte Academy was founded by the Swedish Government to further enhance international security efforts. Other initiatives along similar lines was formed in Norway, Denmark and Finland.

In almost all international conflict negotiations, mediation and dialogue initiatives, the driving actors are diplomats with its main backgrounds in politics, law end economics, adding to that various military experts. The mission of Conflict Prevention Group is to offer additional quality and capacity in the form of in depth psychological insights and experienced advice on religious dimensions often found in international conflicts.

Our specialists has decades of experiences, mainly from the wider Middle East, the Balkans and Russia, as well as from operational management within the Red Cross and other international organizations.